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BitKan(KAN) is listed on gate.io

BITKAN is founded in 2013. It features OTC trading service, as well as price viewing, news reading, mining monitoring, price alert and E-Wallet services, etc. The founding team is dedicated to provide the most professional and safest services to its users. Official website: http://www.bitkan.com/...

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Deposit QTUM on gate.io and Win 1000 QTUM bonus

Qtum is a blockchain application platform. At its core, Qtum combines the advantages of the Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) model, an Account Abstraction Layer allowing for multiple virtual machines, and a proof-of-stake consensus protocol aimed at tackling industry use cases. QTUM utilizes solidi...

Tags: QTUM Read: 79819 Updated: 2days18hours ago

gate.io has swapped Switcheo token from SWH to SWTH

gate.io has switched the Switcheo token from SWH to SWTH for all users. The SWH markets will be replaced by SWTH markets. Trading will be enabled on May 18 4:00 UTC. Switcheo official announcement:https://medium.com/switcheo/switcheo-weekly-round-up-5-9daaefcd486c Deposit SWTH at https://gat...

Tags: SWTH Read: 57192 Updated: 4days17hours ago

gate.io supports INK ERC20 & QRC20 Cross-chain swap

According to the official announcement, Ink now supports Cross-chain Protocol. Ink Labs Foundation partnered with gate.io to open the cross-chain transfer of QRC 20 INK token →ERC 20 INK token. Bidirectional cross-chain transfer App on Ink website will be launching in the future. To get INK ERC...

Tags: INK Read: 40268 Updated: 4days18hours ago

SWH Trade and Deposit disabled on gate.io

SWH Trade and Deposit disabled on gate.io According to SWH's official announcement, SWH is upgrading to the Version 2.0 smart contract. gate.io has disabled SWH trade and deposit&withdraw. If there is any new update, we will provide the latest news immediately. SWH official announcement:...

Tags: SWH Read: 96816 Updated: 7days17hours ago

SMT Withdraw and Deposit enabled on gate.io

The SmartMesh team has fixed the previous smart contract issue and deployed the new smart contract. gate.io has switched the SMT contract address from 0x55F93985431Fc9304077687a35A1BA103dC1e081 to 0x21f15966E07a10554C364b988e91DaB01D32794A. Deposit SMT at https://gate.io/myaccount/deposit/SMT...

Tags: SMT Read: 97064 Updated: 8days20hours ago

gate.io has enabled Verge(XVG) deposit&withdraw

gate.io has enabled Verge(XVG) deposit&withdraw Deposit XVG at https://gate.io/myaccount/deposit/XVG Trade XVG at https://gate.io/trade/XVG_BTC and https://gate.io/trade/XVG_ETH Get 30% trading fee in the affiliate program at https://gate.io/myaccount/myreferrals Follow us and...

Tags: XVG Read: 77609 Updated: 8days21hours ago

Regarding the ETH/ERC20 withdraw blockchain confirmation delay

Due to the network fee increase, ETH and ERC20 token withdrawals delay a few hours. We have increased the transaction fee to accelerate all the new withdrawals. However the old transactions would block the new transactions from getting confirmed on the blockchain. We are going to cancel the old with...

Tags: Read: 128397 Updated: 10days15hours ago

gate.io now supports BTM mainnet and ERC20 swap

Bytom mainnet has been launched and we have integrated it in gate.io. we now provide BTM mainnet asset deposit and withdrawal. We swap the BTM ERC20 token to Bytom mainnet asset for all urers. To get the BTM mainnet asset, deposit your BTM ERC20 token now at Deposit BTM at https://gate.io/my...

Tags: BTM Read: 129524 Updated: 11days14hours ago

Skrumble Network (SKM) will be listed on gate.io

Skrumble Network is a completely new, innovative blockchain and application that centers on creating the most secure connections for communication possible. It will be a blockchain uniquely optimized for secure communication-centric connections and transactions, a decentralized social media communic...

Tags: SKM Read: 198074 Updated: 14days2hours ago

Bodhi On Ethereum(BOE) airdrop for BOT holders on gate.io

We will airdrop BOE (Bodhi On Ethereum) to the BOT holders based on the snapshot on May 31th 2018, 16:00UTC. Deposit BOT at https://gate.io/myaccount/deposit/BOT Trade BOT at https://gate.io/trade/BOT_USDT and https://gate.io/trade/BOT_QTUM Get 30% trading fee in the affiliate program...

Tags: BOT,BOE Read: 186048 Updated: 15days5hours ago

Mithril(MITH) and Loopring(NEO LRN) listed on gate.io

Mithril Token is a novel utility token for several unique reasons. It is first in the market to be backed by Ethereum. As a result, it will serve as the first ‘Casper’ mining pool to the digital token Market. ‘Casper’ is known as the ‘Proof of Stake’ or POS upgrade of the Ethereum blockc...

Tags: MITH,NEO Read: 166816 Updated: 16days18hours ago

gate.io will swap NAS ERC20 to mainnet for users

Nebulas mainnet has been launched and we have integrated it in gate.io. we now swap the NAS ERC20 token to Nebulas mainnet asset for all urers. Deposit NAS at https://gateio.io/myaccount/deposit/NAS Trade NAS at https://gate.io/trade/NAS_USDT and https://gate.io/trade/NAS_ETH NAS Of...

Tags: NAS Read: 156355 Updated: 17days15hours ago

gate.io listed Verge(XVG) and Nano (NANO)

Verge(XVG) and Nano (NANO) has been listed on gate.io. we are still working on the wallet integration and the deposit and withdrawal will be enabled later. Introduction: 1,Nano (NANO) Nano is the digital currency for the real world ? the fast and free way to pay for everything in life. Nan...

Tags: XVG,NANO Read: 162450 Updated: 17days21hours ago

gate.io will swap BTM ERC20 to mainnet asset

Bytom mainnet has been launched and we have integrated it in gate.io. we will swap the BTM ERC20 tokens to Bytom mainnet asset for all urers. BTM mainnet asset deposit and withdraw will be enabled soon, Deposit your BTM ERC20 token now at https://gate.io/myaccount/deposit/BTM Trade BTM at h...

Tags: BTM Read: 192166 Updated: 18days23hours ago

gate.io will swap TRON ERC20 to mainnet for users

TRON mainnet will be launched on May 31, 2018. Please transfer TRX to gate.io before June 24, 2018 (UTC/GMT+08:00). gate.io will swap the TRX ERC20 token to TRX mainnet asset for all users. Deposit TRX to gate.io before June 24 at https://gate.io/myaccount/deposit/TRX Trade TRX at https://...

Tags: TRX Read: 176456 Updated: 19days4hours ago

gate.io released new Websocket API

gate.io has released the new Websocket API for Bots, 3rd party Apps and advanced traders at https://gate.io/docs/websocket/index.html gate.io also provide the REST API at https://gate.io/api2 The following examples are provided for variable programming languages: PHP: https://github.com/g...

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Loopring Neo Token(LRN) is listed on gate.io and airdrop for LRC holders

Loopring is a Decentralized Exchange and Open Protocol. Loopring Neo Token (LRN) is the blockchain token used in the Loopring protocal on Neo blockchain. White paper: https://github.com/Loopring/whitepaper/raw/master/en_whitepaper.pdf Official website: https://loopring.org The LRN trading will...

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Dock is listed on gate.io

DOCK is the ERC20 token of dock.io project. dock.io connects people's profiles, reputations and networks into one sharable source using blockchain technology. White paper: https://dock.io/whitepaper Official website: https://dock.io/ The DOCK trading will be enabled on April 26 2018 8:00 UTC....

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