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Submit Voting Application (Check Rules)

Please fill the following information and submit. (Project that passes initial review will be added to voting list)
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!Voting Rules

  1. The project must submit the details in advance, and can only participate in the voting after the initial audit.
  2. The project must donate ETH to vote (not refundable once donated). 1 ETH is equal to 1 vote. The minimum amount that must be donated is 500 ETH. 5% is deducted every 7 days.
  3. The top 2 projects of each period that have accumulated the most ETH wins.
  4. The winner will be listed in the "Voting Zone" and is subject to the delisting rules.

!Winner's Benefits

  1. The project will be listed in the "Voting Zone" for trading.
  2. Projects with good performance in the "Voting Zone" will be further evaluated and launched in the "Main Zone".
  3. All donations of ETH during the voting period will be used for repurchasing project tokens for marketing airdrop after the project is listed.
  4. Gate.io will promote the listed project on their website and social media channels.
  5. The project will have near-instant deposit and withdrawal service.
  6. The project will be provided in iOS and Android mobile app service.
  7. The project will have standalone onchain wallet support from https://wallet.io .
  8. The unused donated ETH will be distributed to the token holders when the project is delisted.

!Delisting Rules

  1. If the average daily trading volume is less than 100 ETH for 30 days, a low circulation warning will show for 30 days. If the situation does not improve after 30 days, it will enter the delisting countdown.
  2. The project must publicly announce the project progress report at least monthly through the official website or social media. If the progress report has not published for two consecutive months, the project will be considered as not fulfilling the disclosing responsibility to the public; or, if the public has widely questioned the progress report. Gate.io will conduct the investigation and enter the delisting countdown.
  3. If the project is trading tokens not in accordance with the project locking regulations, Gate.io will immediately stop the suspected account and contact the project for an explanation. If the explanation is not valid, the project will be delisted.
  4. If there are significant technical problems or loopholes in the project's token that endanger the security of the trader's assets, deposit and withdrawal of the token will be stopped immediately; the trading will be halted; and the delisting process will be carried out.
  5. If the trader reports that the project violated local laws and suspected of involving illegal activities, Gate.io will conduct an independent investigation, contact the project to provide evidence. If no evidence could be provided before our deadline, Gate.io will delist the project.