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    NAX is the governance token for Nebulas community and eco-sys-tem. It’s issued by a fair and transparent way. No initial fund, no token sale...
    Goal: 500,000 votes
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  • NAX: 2,095,581 votes

Campaign Instruction

1.Participants: all the NAS holders on 1 NAS=1 vote

2.Vote allocation: For every participant, their vote equals the average 14-day NAS holding including available and lock-up assets in Spot Market. The user’s votes will be calculated based on the average 14-day NAS holding within two hours after the listing vote. Thus, please don’t make any changes to your NAS holding before the counting of the votes.

For example, Bob is a new NAS holder, and he buys and holds 14000 NAS one day before the sale. Therefore, his average 14-day NAS holding will be 1000 NAS _14000 NAS╱14 days_, and he will have 1000 votes.

3. Every KYC participant can vote with his NAS for the project.

4. In this vote, when the project gets 500,000 votes, the trading service of NAX╱USDT will be enabled.

5. After the vote, if the project gets 500,000 votes, all voters will be rewarded with an airdrop of the tokens. Meanwhile, the time for enabling the trading service of NAX/USDT will be released.

6.The return of NAS and holding requirements: after the listing vote, the voter’s NAS will be returned to his account. The NAS holding of the voter should be higher than the number of his votes within two hours after the activity. Otherwise, the number of votes will be counted based on the real-time NAS holding when the vote counting begins.

7.Rewards in the Vote:

(1)After the project receives 500,000 votes, the token will be airdropped. All voters will win the token. The airdrop of the token will be ratioed according to how many votes of the voter account for the votes in total.


(1) Cheating: will cancel the votes of an account if any cheating is detected or reported by other users and confirmed. The account will no longer be qualified for the listing vote if more than three cheating records have been registered. reserves the final right to interpret this activity.