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Gate.io's Media kit

Download Gate.io media brand materials

Gate.io's Media kit

Company Profile

Gate.io was founded in 2013, it is a TOP10 exchange of global digital asset trading and real volume. With security being one of our top features, Gate.io provides 100% security deposit audit certificates, adhering to the operating principles that there are no currency listing fees, no counterfeiting, and no scalping. Legally registered in many countries around the world, operations include global business, technology, blockchain research institute, and customer service center. We provide safe, reliable, true and transparent digital asset trading services for over 6 million users in more than 130 countries and regions around the world.

Gate.io's main products are spot and contract trading, legal currency transactions, derivatives, sesame finance, quantitative trading, and startup. Ecological construction involves GateChain, HipoDeFi, NFT Box, GateGrants, Wallet.io, Block.info, etc. We support 800 digital currencies and more than 1,700 trading pairs of investment transactions, provide users with high-quality digital asset trading and financial services,and fully guarantee the user's transaction information and asset security.

Industry Ranking

Gate.io is the TOP10 exchange in the world by real trading volume, and has been selected into the authoritative rankings of global digital currency exchanges many times.

  • Startup investment return rate ranked first one in the global ranking (CryptoRank)
  • First place in the global exchange security evaluation ranking (CER)
  • Second place in Global Trading Platform Comprehensive Ranking (CoinGecko)
  • Top ten in the global trading volume ranking (BTI)
  • Gate.io passed the Coin Metrics transaction volume credibility test
  • Gate.io was selected as the world's best exchange by Forbes Advisor (2021)

Product Introduction

Trading Fees

  • Provide multiple preferential schemes such as VIP, point card, GT deduction, etc.
  • Spot rate lower to -0.01%
  • The contract rate lower to -0.025%
  • Top exchanges with the lowest rates in the world
  • Other exchange VIP is our VIP

Spot Trading

  • Provide nearly to thousands of hot currencies and potential currencies
  • Efficient and convenient real-time trading system
  • Support diversified trading methods such as leveraged trading, flash swap, PUSH, etc.
  • Provide custom condition orders such as stop profit and stop loss, recurring order, timing commission, tracking order, etc.
  • Average daily real trading volume more than 500 million U.S. dollars
  • Funding in and out experience in seconds


  • Provide USDT-based and currency-based perpetual contracts
  • The average daily transaction volume more than 1 billion U.S. dollars
  • Adopt multiple exchange index prices to avoid pin-out liquidation
  • Provide simulated trading for novices
  • Provide ordering methods such as market price, stop-profit and stop-loss, iceberg commission, passive commission, etc.
  • Support special functions such as mixed margin and dual position holding
  • The earliest exchange that supports CBBCs and warrants

Copy Trading

  • Provide grid, CTA, custom signal strategy
  • Become a signaler and get a 5% revenue profit share
  • 0 fee to create your own exclusive strategy
  • Multi-index combination, free setting of parameters
  • Official website of hosting operation, no need to rent server
  • Free backtesting of historical real data

Liquidity Mining

  • Make users benefit from high profits: Liquid mining products provide users with fee income and subsidy rewards
  • Competitive product resource tilt:Strengthen the promotion of automated trading mining pools and liquid mining products
  • Worry-free investment security guarantee:On the premise of asset security, reduce the difficulty of participation and provide a variety of mining products

Media Material

Breaking News


Media Consultation

For more Gate.io media information,please at business@gateio.me contact us。