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【SMT】SmartMesh SmartMesh Wallet Download and Info

  • NameSmartMesh
  • SymbolSMT


SMT (SmartMeshToken) is a virtual currency to be mainly used for circulation within the SmartMesh network. SmartMesh Network is a network infrastructure with each device acting as a data relay. Data packets hop through the best path to reach the intended destination. The SMT will be consumed to send data packets, while at the same time the relaying nodes in the mesh network earn SMT. click here to details at the official website.


  • Release date: 2017-12-10
  • Total coins: 3141592653
  • Supply: 3141590000
  • Market Cap: $ 16,650,427
  • Algorithm:
  • Block time: -sec
  • Block reward: -
  • Retarget: ~ Block
  • Proof:


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