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【LAMB】Lambda Lambda Wallet Download and Info

  • NameLambda
  • SymbolLAMB


With the mission of promoting the decentralized development of the Internet, Lambda aims to build the storage infrastructure for the new generation of Internet value. Lambda is a safe, reliable and infinitely extended decentralized storage network, which realizes the decentralized storage of data, the integrity and security verification of data and the operation of market-oriented storage transactions on the Lambda Chain consensus network, and provides the infinitely extensible data storage capacity for the new generation of value Internet.


  • Release date:
  • Total coins: 6000000000
  • Supply: 10000000000
  • Market Cap: $ 263,020,000
  • Algorithm:
  • Block time: sec
  • Block reward:
  • Retarget:
  • Proof:


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