XRP Sale GT Buy-Back and Burn Result and GT Current Circ. Supply

XRP Startup Sale GT Buy-Back and Burn In this Special Offer. has received 200,000 USDT. The team has purchased 378457.485 GT from the open market, and the purchased GT has now all transferred to the token burning address. Transfer tx:
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About Startup Special Offers (with upgraded rules) To thank our users for their continuous support, will be offering $250,000 worth of XRP for sale with a 20% discount on Startup at UTC 4:00 on October 17th. To participate in the Startup Sale, please go to:
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We will bring more benefits to users and GT holders, will launch up to 5 Top Currency Special Offers in the coming October, with $1,250,000 worth of currencies for sale with discounts. All the USDT received from these Special Offer token sales (estimated $1,000,000 worth of USDT) will be use...
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Ripple(XRP) deposit and withdrawal will be enabled

Ripple(XRP) deposit and withdrawal will be enabled in 24 hours. Please beware of the market price change due to the supply change. Deposit XRP (hours later) Withdraw XRP (hours later) Trade XRP
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