Coin Price 24h % Introduces Official YouTube Live Stream Channel Blockchain Blast

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The Official YouTube Live Stream Channel Blockchain Blast has received mass attention from blockchain enthusiast since its launch. Blockchain Blast covers topics about blockchain technology applications in different fields, such as finance, logistic, real-estate, insurance, medicals etc. The channel also discuss how blockchain technology is combined with artificial intelligence, internet of things through data analysis. Audience are able to learn more about the technical features of blockchain and its business models.

Gate Korea Tour is an offline event held by on a monthly basis. In the offline meetups, provides detailed introduction to Blockchain Blast and gives speeches on the latest technology and the current investment trends. The lectures offers analysis on the cryptocurrency market and the latest news in the space based on the blockchain technology. Speakers and participants of the event are able to have discussions and get to know more about the tech, the eco, the economics and the trends of blockchain. The informative and intriguing speeches have attracted many blockchain enthusiast and many of them have become a fan of the Gate Korea Tour.

As one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, has endeavored to provide best possible services to our users. has been in operation since 2013, we do not charge any listing fee, and we never washed the transaction volume. is also one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, we always adhere to the principles of security, transparency and honor. We will not only continue to strive for the best but we will also share our experience and educate the public about blockchain technology both online and offline.

Our YouTube livestream channel Blockchain Blast provides the following content for both professionals and new traders:

Discussions on reports released by Research Team and the latest news from the space;
Investment strategies and suggestion for new investors;
Introduction to, i.e. our vision, technology and value proposition;
Lectures and education on the latest technology in the blockchain space.

Currently, the topics Blockchain Blast covered are as follows:
Introduction to Gatechain Token (GT)
The history of Bitcoin and its market trends
The development of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
The future trends of Bitcoin ETF and other derivatives
The history of ETH and the DAO fork
Introduction to Ethereum and the development of its token and STO
Introduction to Ethereum Smart Contract and its application
Introduction to the Bitcoin Cash Fork
Fintech and Blockchain
The development of Ripple and introduction to blockchain transactions
Blockchain transactions and Stablecoin Governance
Introduction to Litecoin and Mimble Tumble Protocol
Understanding Hash, Fork, and The Byzantine Generals Problem
Analysis on the trends of global cryptocurrency payment
Introduction to On-line assets and GT
Introduction to Technology is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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Sep. 08, 2019