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Coin Price 24h % Supports GT Listing on Exchanges

2019-05-29 15:40:55Read:209495

GT and Gatechain

GT is the base currency of Gatechain's public chain. GateChain is an innovative public chain focused on secure storage and value exchange of Blockchain assets. Gatechain solves the threat of the user's digital assets being stolen and loss of the private key. Innovative features include decentralized transactions and cross-chain transfers. Gatechain creatively solves two safety issues, including,
1) how to recover stolen digital assets
2) how to find lost private keys.
Gatechain public chain will be launched at the end of 2019.

ERC20 Based GT

Many users are expecting the information of GT fund holdings to be searchable before the mainnet is launched. We understand the urge, we have thus addressed users requests by developing an ERC20 based GT smart-contract, and we have completed the contract code audit. The current smart contract supports the token burn. After the launch of Gatechain mainnet, we will continue to collect and burn the ERC20 based GT.
Smart contract address: 0xE66747a101bFF2dBA3697199DCcE5b743b454759
Decimal Places: 18
Source code of smart contract:

GT Listing on Exchanges

As part of the GT eco, we fully support GT listing on other exchanges. We hope that GT can be traded worldwide and the GT eco can be healthily expanded on an international scale. Currently, the initial circulation supply of GT is 200 million, besides the GT stored in the GT Safety and Law Fund, all the other GT is held by tens of thousands of traders, with a wide range of distribution and a stable price. welcomes exchanges and wallets that are willing to engage in business cooperation. We will provide detailed technical support and we can provide campaign funds by openly purchasing GT from the market.

AEX in Support of GT

We are honored to have AEX list GT and the GT special trading service is now enabled on AEX. AEX ( is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides blockchain technology and cryptocurrency asset trading services. Operated by Bit World Investments Limited since 2013, AEX is one of the worlds earliest exchanges. AEX has built up its reputation with its professional management team, profound asset management and great services.

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May 29, 2019