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gate.io Has Distributed 100 ETH Prizes

2018-09-28 11:41:05Read:53912

We have distributed ETH airdrop prizes to user who participated "To Celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, We’re Giving Away 100 ETH!".
Please check the details:To Celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, We’re Giving Away 100 ETH!

For those who did not receive airdrop, it may be due to the wrong address giving. We will open the form: http://cn.mikecrm.com/lvuvWr9 again for these users. Please fill the right Wallet.io ETH receiving address to receive airdrop.

Time: Sept. 28 - 15:59 UTC, Oct. 08

1. Download the Wallet.io application:Wallet.io is a multiple-tokens wallet, providing users with a more simple and more secure wallet. It is the best possible place to manage your digital assets portfolio.
Official Website:https://wallet.io/download
Download APP:https://wallet.io/download

2. Log into Wallet.io with your Gate.io account, and obtain the ETH receiving address.

3. Complete the form to submit your ETH receiving address.
How to find your ETH receiving address: Log in your account >> Enter ETH wallet >> Click the "Receive" button >> Copy the receiving address

*Only users participated the activity before and did not receive airdrop due to wrong address giving can refill the form.

*Gate.io holds the final explanation for this activity.

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Sept 28, 2018