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How To Borrow?

2018-09-07 21:21:02Read:38358

1. Login account, click Margin Trading, then click Borrow to enter Borrow page.

1.Click “Margin Transfer”, select coin and amount to be transferred, and then click “Transfer Now”. Your asset will be transferred from your exchange account to your margin account.

Select coin to be transferred, and input amount.

You can check your borrowable amount of coin after transaction.

3. Select a qualified order from the list of available borrowings, then click Borrow.

4. Input borrow amount (minimum borrow amount is 100 USDT), select Auto Repay or Auto Borrow, then click Borrow.

5. When Borrow succeeds, you can check your borrowing order from Borrowing History- To Repay.

6. If you want transfer out your asset from margin account to exchange account, click Margin Transfer, then click the swap button and input the transfer amount.


1. Repayment of margin loan is subject to the borrowed token, you can only repay the same token you borrowed. Repayment amount = Borrowed Token + Interest.

2. Interest=Borrowed Token x Interest Rate x Days.