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Coin Price 24h % New Voting For Listing Rules

2018-08-06 20:53:30Read:275411

1. Background

(1) New blockchain projects and digital assets have been emerging in an endless stream. They are in urgent need of professional support from qualified exchange.
(2), an established exchange, has been providing traders with safe and highly efficient services for a long time. Its professional services, fast and easy- to- use mobile apps, instant deposit and withdrawal, are highly praised around the world.
(3) Traditionally, listing review procedure on is extremely rigorous and time-consuming. Latest and promising projects can not be available for traders in time.
(4) To provide more efficient listing, introduces the Voting Zone, and adopts a voting contest + traders participation method to timely select the latest and best quality projects.
(5) The Voting Zone adopts a post-assessment mechanism. For listed projects that fail to meet further requirements, they will enter to a limited-time trading phase and finally be de-listed.
(6) Projects listed in Voting Zone are mostly still in their early stages, and the risks are incredibly high. Users need to fully understand such risks and consent to rules before trading.

2. Voting Rules

(1) Project team needs to submit project details in advance. Only projects passing our initial review are allowed to participate in voting.
(2) Voting method is ETH donation. Each ETH votes 1 score. 5% scores are deducted every 7 days.
(3) The top 2 projects in a given round with no less than 500ETH wins.
(4) The winner will be listed in the "Voting Zone" and subject to the delisting rules

3. Winner's Benefits

(1) Listed in the "Voting Zone" for trading.
(2) Projects with good performances in the "Voting Zone" will be further uated and launched in the "Main Zone".
(3) All ETH donations during the voting will be used for repurchasing its tokens after the project is listed.
(4) The repurchased tokens will be used for marketing activities of the project. does not charge extra fees.
(5) will promote the listed project on the website and the social media channels.
(6) The Near-Instant Deposit and Withdrawal service.
(7) The iOS and Android mobile App service.
(8) The standalone Onchain wallet support from .
(9) Project that falls within delisting criterion will enter a 60 days’ delisting countdown. The unused donated ETH will be distributed to the token holders when the project is delisted.

4. Delisting Rules

(1) If average daily trading volume for a project is less than 100 ETH for 30 days, a low circulation warning will show for 30 days. If the situation does not improve after 30 days, the project will enter the delisting countdown.
(2) Project team must publicly release project progress report at least monthly through its official website or social media and send a copy to In the case no progress report for a consecutive two months, failing to fulfil the full disclosure responsibility, or the progress report being widely questioned, will conduct investigation regarding this project and the project will enter delisting countdown.
(3) If any project team member trades its tokens in violation of its locking rules, will immediately stop the suspected accounts and contact the project team for an explanation. If no valid explanation is received, the project will be delisted.
(4) If significant technical problems or loopholes are found in the project's token that endanger the security of the trader's assets, deposit and withdrawal of the token will be stopped immediately; the trading will be halted; and the delisting process will be carried out.
(5) If a trader reports that a project violates local laws or is suspected of involving in illegal activities, will conduct an independent investigation and contact the project team for materials and evidence. If no sufficient evidence is received before our deadline, will delist the project.

5. Submit the voting request

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Aug 06, 2018